My latest quilt - Summer Squares

Chocolate and Roses. 

A quilt inspired by a holiday on Exmoor. The cushion in 
the middle was my very first attempt at patchwork!

My latest quilt, Dashing Stars made for a colleague.  This quilt measures 72" x 94" and was machined pieced and quilted. 


  1. (Second attempt, apologies if you get twice!) Well, wow, you have been productive! And I used to think I didn't hear from you because you were so hard pressed at work! Only joking, I know you are very conscientious at work. My favourite is still the cathedral windows cushion xxx

  2. Apart from my lovely bag, that is...

  3. Ask Katie to add a 'Back to Top' button please, I can only see a comment box at bottom of Gallery. Why are you feeling rebellious? On second thoughts, what's new, youlve been revelling ever since you were 12 months old!

    1. With Kate now and she is sorting it all out for me. As for being rebellious suffice to say I have been refusing to toe the party line but all turned out well!! Glad you like my cushion.