Monday, 24 July 2017

A busy weekend!

Well as the title says it's been a busy weekend. On Saturday I joined my quilting friend Imelda at a workshop in Folkestone, at Kathys Patch where we worked on the second part of a three part wall hanging. Each week is a different example of appliqué and this week it was cut back appliqué. We layered up batik fabrics and using a design of a nautilus cut back to reveal lovely colours and designs, then we free motioned quilted around this.  I didn't go last week so I have some catching up to do on my seahorse and next week we complete the sea panel with a jelly fish. So watch out for my finished panel!!

On Sunday I was in my sewing room nice and early and in time for the omnibus episode of "The Archers". This is my idea of heaven, stitching away to radio 4 especially on a Sunday ...... Anyhow I have finally finished all the blocks for my Jen Kingwell quilt a "Bakers Dozen" and I even managed to get the first 24 blocks in place and stitched together. I'm loving this quilt as every block has different fabrics and all from my scraps and stash, so apart from the thread I haven't bought anything new. There are still a number of blocks to arrange and I will need a big space so this will be coming into work with me tomorrow, I might just find some time to lay it out!! What do you think so far?? 

It looks a bit wavy but that's just my design wall!!
Thanks for dropping by and happy stitching.........Jacky O


  1. You seem to have put a lot of hard work into this quilt. I really love how all the different patterns have come together. It looks amazing.

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