Sunday, 5 July 2015

A no picture blog post!!

Well I was hoping  to have loads to show you this weekend but it has all gone wrong for me in my neck of the woods!

I have finished my log cabin quilt top, and have pieced the backing. Problem number 1 - went to Deal yesterday to buy my batting and they had sold out. Swan stitch  in Deal is the only place in a 30 mile radius that sells 100% cotton batting. This weekend I had scheduled the sandwiching and possibly the start of quilting this quilt.

So I decided to crack on with my Sunbonnet Sue blocks for Mimi's calendar quilt - well  I only have a small sewing room but do you think I could find my white on white fabric ...... Not a hope in hell and I only tidied up a couple of weeks ago!!

Finally not to be deterred and even more determined to get some sewing done I pulled out some look a like Liberty charm squares and started adding sashing to them to make a small lap quilt for a Christmas gift ( please don't hate me for mentioning the "C" word in July) , well it must be Karma because no sooner had I started, all the electrics failed.

We'd been having some pretty spectacular lightening storms and initially I thought this was to blame but after a quick look up the street it was apparent it was only my house.  An hour and a half later - and after  missing all of Dessert Island Discs I eventually discovered it was my washing machine that was tripping all the power off.

I did get a little sewing done today but not anything worthy of a photo............maybe in my next blog.

Happy stitching............Jacky O


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