Sunday, 26 July 2015

Bad blogger!!

Yes that's me, and I'm so sorry. I have neglected my blog seriously this month and it's not as if there hasn't been anything to blog about.

First off there was the Thanet Quilters exhibition, I showed my "Stacked Squares" quilt and was very pleased to see a couple of people actually taking pictures of MY quilt!! This is the first time I have ever showed a quilt to people other than family and friends or on my blog so I was a bit nervous about putting it in amongst so many other beautiful quilts. But I'm glad that I did. There was a visitors choice vote and I took Simon along, afterwards he told me that he'd voted for my quilt but actually he preferred the one with peacocks on it!!

I spray basted my log cabin quilt ready for quilting but can't settle on a design.  I tried a small stipple pattern but it was far to busy for the quilt so that got ripped out. I've put in some "in the ditch" lines but this only works in one direction due to the colour ways of the fabrics so that might have to come out. In exasperation I've put that one aside and started (and almost finished)  a star quilt in lovely spicy colours.  This will be a gift for an Indian lady that I will be staying with when I go to India next week.

Oh yes that's another reason I've been away from my blog....... I had to get this star quilt completed and get a visa for India.  

I can't believe the sun went in just as we had a few spare minutes for photos!

I'm not sure which was more stressful!! But my passport has come back, at last all stamped up so I'm nearly ready to go.  I shall be staying with the family of one of my nurses and can't wait although I'm super nervous as I'll be travelling there alone. Ah well I know my big sister travelled all over the place alone and with small babies so I'm sure I'll cope!!

Last weekend Sam, Sharon and I all joined the Thanet Quilters on a coach trip  to Lady Sew and Sew, a huge warehouse of fabric in Henley.  We had a fabulous time, they stock the whole range of Kaffe Fassett fabric, Zandra Rhodes, Amy Butler......, oh it was heaven!! We all spent well, Sam spent the most as she bought some expensive voile for dressmaking. I bought some gorgeous Kaffe Fassett for a bag (because I don't have enough bags!!) and the fabric for the star quilt.  Sharon bought fabric for a log cabin quilt, we all came away exhausted but happy,

I finished this little lap quilt "What a Liberty" a couple of weeks ago but have only just got round to taking some photos.

Well that's about it for now. I promise lots of pics and hopefully lots of fabric when I get back.

Happy stitching............Jacky

Sunday, 5 July 2015

A no picture blog post!!

Well I was hoping  to have loads to show you this weekend but it has all gone wrong for me in my neck of the woods!

I have finished my log cabin quilt top, and have pieced the backing. Problem number 1 - went to Deal yesterday to buy my batting and they had sold out. Swan stitch  in Deal is the only place in a 30 mile radius that sells 100% cotton batting. This weekend I had scheduled the sandwiching and possibly the start of quilting this quilt.

So I decided to crack on with my Sunbonnet Sue blocks for Mimi's calendar quilt - well  I only have a small sewing room but do you think I could find my white on white fabric ...... Not a hope in hell and I only tidied up a couple of weeks ago!!

Finally not to be deterred and even more determined to get some sewing done I pulled out some look a like Liberty charm squares and started adding sashing to them to make a small lap quilt for a Christmas gift ( please don't hate me for mentioning the "C" word in July) , well it must be Karma because no sooner had I started, all the electrics failed.

We'd been having some pretty spectacular lightening storms and initially I thought this was to blame but after a quick look up the street it was apparent it was only my house.  An hour and a half later - and after  missing all of Dessert Island Discs I eventually discovered it was my washing machine that was tripping all the power off.

I did get a little sewing done today but not anything worthy of a photo............maybe in my next blog.

Happy stitching............Jacky O