Tuesday, 23 June 2015

National Quilt Championship at Sandown

We had a splendid day at Sandown on Saturday.  Went there with St M's quilters, Sam and Sharon and friend Imelda and were inspired by the fabulous quilts to then go and raid the traders for books, fabrics, notions and info on up coming workshops.  Here is a flavour of what was on offer.

We loved this quilt called "All that Remains" by Terry Donaldson

"Layers of Polperro" by Brenda Thomas

"Maldives" by Neel Williams

Part of a series of three but this was my favourite "Narracot Snow" by Penny Armitage

Section of Liba's Quilt by Liba Blaha and Richmond and Kew Quilters based on a Dear Jane

And another Christmas Jane by Dorothy Darrell

"Purple Haze" by Pinewood Quilters

And I'm always a sucker for a beach hut quilt entitled "Summer Breezes" by Jenni Sharpe.

Hope you enjoyed my selection, happy stitching............Jacky O


  1. Wow! Each of these quilts are a piece of art, this is the first time I’m seeing anything like them. All these quilters seem incredibly talented.

  2. I think this is the best and economic way to copy the designs from brands and make them at home. It will be a fun activity.

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