Sunday, 14 June 2015

Beach Bag

Well I thought that as it's officialy summer and I live in the second most popular seaside resort in Great Britain (yes Broadstairs came second to St Ives) in a seaside survey that I ought to have a beach bag. Those of you who regularly read my blog will know that I made the lovely daughter one of these earlier this year, but I didn't make one for myself.

So, as I had this weekend all alone, my dearest was on a jolly to Brighton, I decided I was going to be really self  centered and make something just for me!!

This was a very satisfying make, I added a zippered pocket to the lining and also a couple pockets inside so this could double up as a project bag if the British weather stayed so determinedly not summery !!

Not sure what happened to the colours in the first photo, both pics taken within seconds!! But the second picture is a truer representation. 

Happy stitching............Jacky O

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  1. This blog is the best! Had to get done for my literature class and was going to get it done from blog but then found this and used portions of it for my essay