Tuesday, 5 May 2015


This is my latest quilt finish which I am calling Mustang as I can't think of anything better at the moment and the fabric is from a range by Cotton and a Steel called Mustang. If you have any other suggestions I would love to hear them, in fact I always love to read your comments and suggestions .....hint hint.

The backing I chose is a lovely fabric by Riley Blake called Derby horses which I thought was very appropriate and goes very well.  I was intending to put this quilt in our local exhibition but have changed my mind as I am so disappointed in the binding.

Now I know us quilters are advised not to point out the flaws, which we are assured nobody but us really notice ......but .....I really messed up the binding.  I have always used 2 1/2" binding, ironing in half and then ironing outer edges to the centre just like shop bought bias binding. I then machine stitch along the first crease, flip it over and hand sew on the back. This time I followed a "you tube" tutorial which suggested ironing the binding in half and then stitching the raw edges to the quilt with a quarter inch seam and then turning over and hand stitching to the back.  It went so wrong on me. Instead of an even amount of binding on either side of the quilt I ended up with a thin meagre binding on the quilt front and a larger portion on the back.  I could unpick the whole lot, but that's not my nature, I think I will just put this down to a lesson learnt and move on.  I still love this quilt, I love the colours and pattern and that's what really matters, I just won't show it in the exhibition!!! On the bright side it gives me an excuse to buy more fabric to make another quilt to show! See what you think.

Actually it's not so bad......

Happy stitching.......Jacky O

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