Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Red Letter Day!

Yesterday was certainly a red letter day for me! My lovely big sister went to a World Textile Day and sent me this gorgeous fat quarter bundle. 

 This cloth is made in East Bali and is a technique called ikat weaving. This is done by measuring out the weft threads and then binding them tightly with colour coded string.  The threads are then dyed, and the string removed. Finally the weft is woven into a plain warp on a hand operated loom.  This method gives ikat it's "shimmering" effect.  It's so lovely I now have to think what I can make with it to properly show it off. 

There are a few more dates for the World Textile Days to find out more check out http://worldtextiles.co.uk.

Happy stitching..............Jacky O

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