Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Quick catch up

It's been a grim time in the Hive this past week, and precious little sewing has been undertaken. This once again has been down to sickness.  First little Mimi went down with a nasty tummy bug, followed by her mum and then I managed to round it all off with developing a streaming  cold.  So in between helping Kate out with Mimi, and minimal sleep it's surprising I have anything to show!!

But I have done this weeks assignment for the Irish Chain quilt along and finished my dining room table runner. So without further apologies here they are...

The petals for my Irish Chain

My table runner, complete with my flowers for Mothering Sunday.

Happy stitching......... Jacky O


  1. Your petals look lovely!! Way to get it done even with everyone being sick. Hope everyone gets feeling better soon ;)

  2. Sorry you've been having grim times :(
    Your petals are delightful - well done you :)