Saturday, 28 February 2015

Small zippered pouch

So what to do on a grey, cold Saturday?  Of course spend some quality time in the sewing room aka "the hive"!!  Today I managed to finish up the free motion quilting on my table runner and stitch, press and trim my next set of blocks for the Irish chain twist quilt along. Still feeling like I needed something to hold up and say "what do you think, I've just made this!" I decided to have a go at a zippered pouch pattern that is featured in issue 229 of "Sewing World".  I changed the measurements slightly and decided to have my zip tab on show otherwise I stuck to the instructions.
So ......... What do you think?!!!

Happy stitching...........Jacky O

Friday, 20 February 2015

Fabric Shopping in Vegas!!

No I haven't managed another sneaky trip to Vegas but Sharon's sister Kay  does work  for Virgin airlines and was in Vegas this week.  She just happened to message Sharon to say she was rather bored. Well we both chorused get along to Quiltique our favourite fabric shop in Vegas!!

Sharon was in Vegas last year with Kay and dragged her along to Quiltique, Kay is not a quilter or stitcher so we thought this was a long shot suggesting she spends time fabric shopping BUT to our surprise she said give me a list!!! Well that's just what we did............ This is my bundle

Eight gorgeous yards of fabric, (they sell in yards in the US),  all designer modern fabric, just the kind I was moaning about not being able to buy in my neck of the woods, and wait for it........ All for £40.  Yes you read that correctly these fabrics were on sale for $7 or less per yard and there were hundreds more. If you haven't already taken a look at the link just get yourself over to where you can take a virtual tour of the shop.  And if anyone wants to open a shop like this in the UK please do it in East Kent, I don't know how many times the lovely Kay will fabric shop for us!!!!

Happy stitching......... Jacky O

Monday, 16 February 2015

Stacked squares

Took all my cut squares into work today and with the help of Sam, Sharon and a print of Kelly's quilt we arranged my latest quilt.  Now I just have to stitch it all together.  Kelly's quilt is fab you can see it  Here

Really having fun with this one.

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Chain piecing!

Feeling very pleased to have chain pieced all my units for the Irish Chain Twist quilt along!!

Not only all sewn, but neatly pressed and ready for next weeks instructions!!! Ha ha!! This is such a first for me. I NEVER  used to do my homework on time!!

Happy stitching........ Jacky O

Sewing day at Imelda's

Isn't it lovely to meet up with a friend for a day of sewing, chatting, coffee and cake!! That's just how I spent this Saturday.  This is the second sewing day we've arranged and it's such fun. Now ordinarily I would offer the use of my sewing room and we would take it in turns to host but Imelda has such a lovely large room, not to mention an enormous design wall, that as she was happy it made sense to use hers.

Imelda played on her new Janome and free motion quilting foot, I had a go with her lovely blingy thread but just managed to tangle it up!! Then she cut up her tartans and plaids to make the gorgeously cosy quilt featured on the front of British Patchwork and Quilting mag.  She also showed me her latest bargain .... Loads of plaid ... We are talking seven and half yards for less than £12!!!! All from The Sewing Shop in Canterbury.  Apparently the owner was selling it all off to make room for summer stock. Note to self .... Must go to Canterbury for reasons other than hospital assessments!!

I've been working on sewing 16  1/2 " blocks for a quilt called stacked blocks, which can be seen over on Kelly from "my quilt infatuation" blog. Yesterday I completed the blocks and got them all chopped up and then started to arrange them on the design wall.  I'm not sure if this will be my final arrangement I may take them into work to lay out in the library and see what the St M's girls think. But I'm liking the majority of it.  What do you think so far??? I just love the bright modern fabrics.

And speaking of fabric why is it that all the gorgeous new fabric we are teased with in the quilting mags just never sees it's way into the shops around here?? Come on shops in South East Kent you are sew missing out on business!!!

Happy stitching.........Jacky O

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Irish chain twist quilt along.

So looking forward to getting started on the quilt along. For those of you that haven't yet joined in with Melissa from Happy Quilting there's still time, but you'll need to get cracking!! Check it out over on her blog, there are so many sizes to choose from you can undertake as much or as little stitching as you can fit in with your schedule.

I've just finished cutting all my fabric and just love seeing all the piles ready to be stitched!! See what you think of my colours....

The navy will be my background, the pink the  X blocks, turquoise the square blocks and peach my petal blocks.  I'm only doing the small 50" x 50" quilt as I want something to go over the back of a rather old but comfy sofa.

Until we get under way I'm finishing up a table runner I've been working on so hopefully there'll be a finish to share soon.  Until then.......

Happy stitching...... Jacky O

Monday, 2 February 2015

Brighton fabric shops

Well I had a busy time in Brighton. After dropping Marley off at school I headed straight down to the Lanes and Brighton central to check out what was on offer fabric wise.  I walked and walked until I had visited all the fabric shops on my list and I can tell you I walked off a good deal of shoe leather!!

My favourite shop was Brighton Sewing Centre in North Road.  It's only a small shop but the buyer has a great eye for fabric and I could have bought it all. I contented myself with 10 co-ordinating fabrics for yet another project I have on my wish list.  This may not be quite enough but I think it will mix with some I brought back from America and if not, guess what? They sell on line!!!!

Here's a little taste of what I bought.

All cut ready to stitch!!  And a couple more just waiting......

Don't you just love a new project!!!!!!

Happy stitching ........ Jacky O