Saturday, 24 January 2015

Ardingly Spring Quilt Festival

What a fantastic day out we've had today.  No traffic or weather problems getting there and well worth making the journey from Kent to West Sussex.  The quilts on display were amazing and there was a great mix of traditional, modern and mixed media wall hangings.  Now generally it's the more traditional quilts that I find the most inspiring but today it was the mixed media and modern twists on the traditional that caused us to stand back in admiration.

I loved this one by Brenda Thomas

And this take on the fairy story  "The Princess and the Pea" made us smile, especially the disgruntled look on said princess's face!!!'

However the two quilters that really caught my attention were Delia Cecil and Christine Restall.  I especially loved the colourful, modern works by Christine, so much so that I treated myself to a new book on modern improv quilting!! So look out for something different coming from "the hive"!!!

Here though is a sample of Christine's work that was on show yesterday.

I really love the quilting on this one.

And of course there were some beautifully stitched traditional quilts

Aside from the quilts we had a great time with the traders at the show and both of us came away with bags filled with fabric ready to start new projects.  Imelda bought some lovely wool tartans to make the quilt that is featured on the front of February's Patchwork and Quilting magazine and I bought fabric to make a new table runner and placemats. 

Ahem!! That's not quite all we bought.............. But suffice to say the Janome lady offered us a deal we just couldn't refuse.  It was almost like it was meant to be, really.  We had discussed on the way to the show how much we would love a machine with a larger harp space and a few extras, and I told Imelda how I was going to The World of Sewing next week to test drive a couple.  Well would you believe it World of Sewing had a stand at the show.  We were offered the machine we both wanted, the Horizon 8200QC  at a massive £500 off the retail price. This is a third off the price.  And we didn't have to trade in our current machines either. Even so we stayed sensible, went to have a coffee to discuss the investment, walked around the traders then headed straight back and handed over our credit cards!!!

Can't wait, delivery day is Thursday...... I'll tell you all about her when she arrives.

So so happy stitching............Jacky O


  1. OMG!! I knew you had brought a new machine before I actually read it! Your build up to the story would have been so disappointing if you hadn't. This is fantastic news, really exciting and I can't wait to hear all about it tomorrow.

  2. O sew happy waiting for my lovely to arrive Imelda