Sunday, 4 January 2015


I've looked at the year past and so now my thoughts have turned to the year ahead and what I would like to achieve personally and with my sewing.  I have decided that rather than set specific goals this year, (apart from finishing the "sampler quilt") I will try to adopt a different state of mind.  This lead me to thinking what held me back last year.  Two things sprang to mind immediately...... Fear and stress.

I stayed safe with a lot of my sewing because I was afraid of messing up and getting it all wrong which would then stress me out.  I also allowed things that I had no control over to get me into a negative state of stress, especially at work.  So this year I am going to adopt a word and a phrase to see me through........ 

My word of 2015 is courage.  I will have courage to free motion quilt, tackle curved piecing and who knows what else I might decide to have a go at!!!  Also courage to follow my instincts and set aside dogma, especially at work.

My phrase will balance the inevitable fall out of my courage and it is "C'est  la vie" !!!!!   

Have you a word or phrase for 2015.... I'd love to hear them.

Jacky O

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