Monday, 1 December 2014

Sunday in the sewing room

I can't tell you all what a lovely, satisfying day I've had in the sewing room.  There's not much that can beat a cold, overcast day outside, than a productive day in the sewing room accompanied by the reassuring broadcast of radio 4.  

I got household chores quickly dispatched by 9.30am and  everything in place for me to be at my Janome in time for the Archers omnibus, which is followed by Dessert Island Discs.  It's 40 years since I lived in West Street Gillngham where I grew up and yet when I hear the opening music and seagulls  of this programme I immediately smell a roast beef lunch cooking and I am transported back to our little house in West Street.  We had pork today but I still smelt beef at the start of Dessert Island Discs!! 

Today I cracked on with my Christmas gift list and prepared  5 gifts ready for quilting, it's so exciting seeing these items nearly ready for wrapping and labelling.  

Hope it's warm and cosy where you are......... Jacky O

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