Monday, 22 December 2014

Show and tell Monday

Well it's been a couple of Mondays since I was last here and I'm sorry about that but I hate blogging without pictures. But at last some finishes to show. 

First up is a train case from Sharon. Now before I reveal Sharon's work of the past weekend she has added a disclaimer  -- she lost concentration and then was hassled to leave the peace and tranquility of the sewing room.............

Yes it appears to be a bit off centre !!!

So not to be defeated Sharon perfected Mark 2......


And to emphasise the difference....... 

The of moral of this story is - a quilter needs space, peace and the opportunity to mess up from time to time!!!!

Sam has been on annual leave and has taken advantage of the time to complete not one but two quilts!!  (And some additions to her wardrobe but I didn't photograph those!!)

Sam is our patient English Paper Piecer and has made this lovely Charlston lap quilt

And a lovely quilt using the Scrumptious range which she has called "Opal Fruits" 

I also managed a finish to share ...... A cushion which I will gift to a male friend and happy to share as he's not likely to be reading my blog!!!!!

I will be signing off now until the new year.   
Hope you all have a splendid Christmas and a wonderfully creative new year.  I'll be checking in then with all my works in progress, finishes and projects that will never see the light of day cos I got side tracked!!!!!!!

Happy Christmas. Jacky O 

Monday, 1 December 2014

Show and Tell Monday

Well the news is......... this Monday there was no show and tell!! It seems all three of us at St M's quilters are busy making Christmas gifts which are either not complete or have to be kept under wraps for obvious reasons.  Sam, who has been working on a lap quilt for herself has completed the top and has started on the quilting and although she took some photos the light wasn't very good so this too must wait before being shared.  

To top it all two of our trio (Sam and myself) have had to have emergency dental treatment so all things considered not our usual happy Monday!

Hope your Monday fared better.   

Jacky O

Sunday in the sewing room

I can't tell you all what a lovely, satisfying day I've had in the sewing room.  There's not much that can beat a cold, overcast day outside, than a productive day in the sewing room accompanied by the reassuring broadcast of radio 4.  

I got household chores quickly dispatched by 9.30am and  everything in place for me to be at my Janome in time for the Archers omnibus, which is followed by Dessert Island Discs.  It's 40 years since I lived in West Street Gillngham where I grew up and yet when I hear the opening music and seagulls  of this programme I immediately smell a roast beef lunch cooking and I am transported back to our little house in West Street.  We had pork today but I still smelt beef at the start of Dessert Island Discs!! 

Today I cracked on with my Christmas gift list and prepared  5 gifts ready for quilting, it's so exciting seeing these items nearly ready for wrapping and labelling.  

Hope it's warm and cosy where you are......... Jacky O