Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Tuesday - catch up!!

Well I missed the Monday show and tell so catching up today!  I spent a lovely Saturday in Imelda's sewing room in Deal where we stitched, designed and cut to our hearts delight.  She has a huge - well twice the size of mine - design wall curtesy of her husband Terry, and I was able to lay up my triangles until I had the colourful diamonds I was hoping for.  

I will need to extend the width by three more triangles and the length by three more rows to get the size I want but I was pleased to be able to see them up and stand back to view the overall effect.

Meanwhile Imelda was cutting up her HST's to make her Sea scape quilt.  She has decided on a chevron quilt and with the fabulous fabrics she's chosen she has really captured the movement of the sea. I just love it and this is only her second quilt!!! 

Again this is only half the size of her intended quilt.  Her fabrics include fishes, sea birds and waves.  She is thinking of adding the beach hut fabric as a border, but wasn't quite decided when I left!!

Back at St M's on Monday, Sharon brought in her lovely creation of a Lunar Lapin, unfortunately we didn't photograph her, well it didn't seem right - she was naked ( lunar Lapin not Sharon!!) but as soon as she gets a dress we'll show her!!

Thanks for dropping by    -  Jacky O

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