Sunday, 2 November 2014

Open house art in Whitstable

I have spent a lovely relaxing weekend meeting up with my talented friend Vince Donlin.  Vince is a brilliant artist, originally from Gillingham but now based in Brighton.  He has been showing his work in Whitstable as part of the open house exhibitions taking part all over Whitstable for the last three weekends. Vince, and fellow artist Helene Williams' work has been on display at the home of fellow artist Stephen Postgate in Oxford Street. 

I only managed to catch this opportunity to view the art of our talented local artists because of my friendship with Vince.  It's a shame that this event was not better publicised so that more people could have visited the open houses.  

To illustrate my luck, I arrived too early at Oxford Street to met my friend only to find a most delightful woman on the house steps by the name of Margo Selby.  She told me that this open house wouldn't open until at least 11.00am however her own studio around the corner was already open.  What luck. I got to see her wonderful textile art and her work rooms.

Such fabulous woven fabric in the most vibrant and gorgeous colours.

This fabric reminded me a very traditional log cabin block.

And the looms where all the magic takes place.

I live less than 20 miles away and was totally unaware of this fabulous artist.

Jacky O

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