Thursday, 27 November 2014

Hive cottage!!

Hive Cottage this is the name my good friend Jane has given to my home after her visit last week. Well she's not too far from the truth, and my little sewing room has certainly been a hive of industry over the past few days/ week.  How is it that one minute it's only October and there's plenty of time to stitch up a host of Christmas presents and then suddenly I'm reminded that Christmas Day is exactly four weeks today!!!  

Anyhow I refuse to panic and I am still adding to my list of things I want to have made in time for the big day.  I may need to adjust my sewing schedule though as there are some gifts that need to be posted!! But the main thing is I am really enjoying every stitch and finish and it's great to see my little stack of gifts growing by the day. 

This Saturday is the Thanet Quilters Christmas fair in Birchington so I will be taking a few hours off to browse the stalls, pick up a few goodies and meet up with fellow quilters and crafters. I have only been part of this fantastic community for three years and I can't for the life of me remember how I passed the time before I started quilting!!!

Hey ho I know where my time goes these days!  Have fun   Jacky O

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