Friday, 31 October 2014

Works in progress

As you all know I am relatively new to the quilting community but I have noticed in reading more than a few blogs that nearly all you quilters out there tend to have works in progress. In fact some have projects that span over years, well I'm not there yet, but give me time!! I've already found how easy it is to get side tracked into new projects and the lure of freshly bought fabric just can't wait for a finish. Then there is also mood to consider, sometimes ones mood simply dictates what to work on!!! Do I sound like I am making excuses to myself for starting yet another quilt with three already on the go?!! A little count up at work the other day (I got bored with doing the staff rota) honestly shocked me when I counted all the projects I'm currently working on, and then I panicked even more because I know I want to get started on my Christmas gifts and other festive makes, and the knitting I want to complete in time for the right season......... Oh well there's no point in kicking against it I guess I'm becoming a fully stashed up member of the quilting gang.  

I was off work recently feeling unwell, too unwell even to sew, but not so poorly that I couldn't go on line and treat myself to 10 half metres of fabric from the wonderful Kaffe Fassett range.  This fabric is so bright and fun it really cheered me up. Last night I cut out 160 equilateral triangles from it for a quilt that I want to make channeling Kelly from "my quilt infatuation" Jewelled quilt. She made hers using Amy Butler fabric and I wanted something equally bright but not the same.

What do you think?

Hey ho another project to add to the list.......leave a comment and let me know what you're up to. Jacky O


  1. Oh Jacky, you do make me smile!! I know you will not be happy until you are suffocating in fabric, you'll be on hoarders from hell soon with all your stash of fabrics and unfinished projects lol. I am admiring your most recent purchase, the colours are so bright and vibrant, just what you need to cheer yourself up with when your feeling poorly, the perfect medicine!

    On the other hand, I do understand how exciting it is to get your hands on new fabrics and what with Christmas around the corner my ongoing project will be put to one side for a while too.

    I love reading your blogs,, keep them coming. Sharon :)

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