Sunday, 5 October 2014

Detling Autumn Quilt Show

Set off early yesterday with Sharon and Imelda for the quilt show at Detling, we left at 9.00 as we wanted a leisurely day with time to spare for a sit down and the obligatory piece of cake! Well a smooth drive and no traffic got us there promptly just before 10.00 so we had to queue along with lots of other excited ladies. 

The quilts once again were an absolute delight and unlike the Festival of Quilts at the NEC there was actually room to move around and take time to really inspect the workmanship ( should that be workwomanship - I didn't see any by a man on this occasion??!!).  Anyhow I snapped away with my iPhone and here are a few of my favourites:

First up a couple of the tropical theme wall hangings

Calendar quilts - love calendar quilts, it's on my bucket list to make one!!

A Dog's Life - one of Lynette Anderson's designs

Now those of you that know me will know that however much I try to get modern and use fresh bright fabrics I always gravitate back to the traditional and lovely civil war prints so the next few quilts had me swooning in the isles!!!!

(Didn't really capture the fabulous colours of this one)

Showing this next one because I am always in awe of quilters that can do perfect points on the mariners compass!!

This next quilt had us touching (with gloves) and feeling every wonderful texture and marvelling at the range of skills displayed, a brilliant demonstration of techniques

And finally a few to prove that simple blocks cleverly arranged can use up the stash and make lovely quilts!!!

After looking at the quilts we were inspired to use up our stashes but not before we had added to them considerably!!!   I bought some Civil war fabric and book plus one or two other bundles, Sharon purchased all the fabric she needed for her next quilt project and Imelda, well every time I looked she was tucking yet another goody into her copious bag!! She excused herself by saying she was new and had to build a stash!!! 

Happy Sunday stash building - Jacky O

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