Sunday, 28 September 2014

Wonderful weekend

Do you ever get to Sunday evening and think "what a lovely weekend"?  I've just had that kind of weekend. My most pressing assignments were all completed, I had finished off a couple of pillow shams to go with the quilt I handed over earlier in the week and so I headed off to the pretty town of Deal to see my friend Imelda. Now Imelda has recently discovered the delights of quilting and has bought herself a new sewing machine and a few books........ We chatted eagerly about projects and she is looking forward to the quilt show to be held at Detling Showground next Saturday.  Tonight I see from her social media comment she has turned her son's bedroom into her sewing room ( he has moved out!!!!). I just happened to mention it would make an ideal sewing room......

This morning I managed to finish off a couple of cushions that have been hanging around in the WIP bin and I got to sort out and rearrange my sewing room whilst listening to the Archers! Bliss.  Now I can't help from going in there and just looking at how lovely it all looks.

Then it was off to Canterbury for a birthday lunch and a spot of shopping with my Simon. The perfect end to a splendid weekend.

Here are my weekend finishes.

One of the pillow shams to go with the dashing stars quilt.


A cushion for my sewing room, made with the Moda 23 fabric.


A small cathedral windows cushion that has been waiting for a back for sometime now!!

Hope you've all had a great weekend. Jacky O

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

My latest finish

I can finally reveal pictures of the quilt I have been working on. This is a quilt that a colleague at work, Lanuta, commissioned me to make and as the only clues she had were the basic colours used I haven't been able to share pictures of the quilt as it progressed.  Well after a mammoth sew in at the weekend I was finally able to deliver it yesterday and happily Lanuta was delighted. She told me she wanted something in burgundy and cream so this is what I came up with...



Sharon, my administrator and quilting buddy has also been working on a secret quilt commission and we made yesterday a double reveal day!! Her brief was something in purple.  So here is Sharon's disappearing four patch.


Seen in this picture is Lanuta and Gabriella, two happy quilt owners!!

It's good to have a finish.....Jacky O

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Friday round up.

Well I may be back in my sewing room and stitching like crazy but alas I haven't got any finishes to reveal and the WIP is still under wraps. It's been one of those weeks where life keeps interrupting the sewing and conspiring against me.  Oh well I'm almost there with the commission quilt, just the binding to make and stitch on.  I've managed to pack my man off to cricket for the day so as soon as the whippets have been walked it's "hello sewing room"!!!!!!

Happy stitching. Jacky O

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Back in my sewing room!

Well it's been a long break but I'm finally back in my sewing room.  We've had a lovely week in Northern Provance France, staying in a small basic farmhouse.  Not so basic that it didn't have a beautiful swimming pool though.  Our week was spent shopping for local produce at the markets, such wonderfully simple things like tomatoes that tasted of sunshine, honey from bees that had used nectar from the lavender, local cheeses and the bone dry Provancal rose wine, swimming, laughing and generally chilling out with our books.  The sun shone throughout and for the first couple of days we were cooled by the Mistral.  


Before we went I had to pack up my sewing room completely as the decorator was coming in to redecorate our bedroom and although we got back late on Sunday it's taken me until lunchtime yesterday to shift all the furniture and unpack my sewing room.  But such deep joy when my Janome was finally uncovered again!! 

I set to and made lavender bags!!! Well what else! The farmhouse had an abundance of fragrant lavender growing all around and Madame very kindly told us to help our selves.  My sewing room is quite heady with its perfume at the moment!!  Tomorrow I'll really get back in the saddle though and crack on with my quilt commission, hopefully there will be something too show soon.

Sew happy to be back........ Jacky O