Monday, 11 August 2014

Monday show and tell.

Mondays - not my favourite day of the week as there' s often "stuff" that I have to catch up with following the weekend at work. However, my lovely quilting buddies at St M's generally cheer me up as we have a quick "show and tell" of our weekends stitching over coffee before we crack on with the week's work.

Today Sharon shared 6 beautifully made purple blocks. These are the start of a quilt she has been commissioned to make. She has chosen a lovely palette of lilacs through to mauve, as this matched the brief she was given.  I on the other hand was asked to make a quilt in burgundy and white, which I confess didn't really fill me with deep joy but I have produced 4 rather pleasing blocks.  I took some swatches of a lovely green batik in which I proudly announced would be snow balled into the corners.  This idea was quickly put to bed by both Sharon and Sam despite my appeal to the colour wheel and I'm back with burgundy and white!!!  

Sorry no pics yet as these quilts are to be kept under wraps until completed but other finishes are looming.  
Happy show and tell Monday, Jacky O

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