Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Late Monday show and tell!!

Well I'm running way behind schedule this week and posting the St. M's Monday show and tell late Tuesday night.  But truth be told we've all been extra busy this weekend with other stuff.  Sharon has neglected her quilt commission to help her husband lay decking in the garden, and I slipped off to London to visit my lovely daughter Kate and grand daughter Mimi.  Only Sam, our deputy, spent time thinking about her next project but no actual sewing!! So after all that chat not much to show you lovely ladies.  I got back on Sunday and made a start on another Moda 23 cushion, very similar to the last one I shared only slightly larger.......


Whilst I was away this chair was moved into my sewing room and sew needed a cushion so here it is.  Hope Y'all been busier than us!!!  

Jacky O


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