Friday, 22 August 2014


How many of you have been here before?!!  I settle down to a couple of hours sewing, putting sashing strips to my blocks and joining them all up, 2 hours in I start to look carefully at my evenings work and something doesn't seem right.  I look a bit closer...... and would you believe it the very first block was the wrong way around, thus making everything wrong, even though the rest of it is right!!

I have just spent as many hours ripping it all out, so am back to where I started!!! I did wonder if anyone would notice the mistake but just knowing it was there would have bugged me forever. 

Is this an evening wasted or a lesson learned?  How many times does one need to check? Anyway now have a glass of wine in hand instead of a stitch ripper and looking forward to visiting the Phoenix Quilters  exhibition in Deal, Kent tomorrow.

Hope the rest of you have a more productive evening than me!

Jacky O

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