Saturday, 23 August 2014

Phoenix Quilters Exhibition Deal

 Today saw the first Phoenix Quilters exhibition held in Trinity Church Hall, Deal, Kent and what a turn out they attracted!! The exhibition of this group of quilters, who have only been together for three years was a truly inspiring delight and everyone who attended was warmly welcomed by Sandra who kindly gave me permission to showcase some of the quilts on display.  

This exhibition was not about picking the best in show, or a visitors choice but an opportunity for the group to display their talents and enjoyment that the quilting community fosters.  It is a shame that the hall wasn't larger as this meant the quilts had to be closely grouped which made taking photographs difficult and I always like to see quilts close up and from a distance.  Still perhaps next year!

Opening this inaugural exhibition was the very talented Sue Timney, interior and textile designer who was presented with a lovely set of quilted placemats and coasters in her trademark monochrome by the Phoenix Quilters and she was clearly delighted by this thoughtful gesture. 

If you didn't catch the exhibition today, there is another chance to see the work of this talented group tomorrow. But for those who live too far afield here are some of the pictures I took today.  


                                        Sue Timney opening the exhibition


                                       Receiving her gift from the quilters!





Due to the limited space it was difficult to photograph the whole of the quilt but this was a lovely quilt in rich warm tones by Sue Clayson entitled "Sevenoaks'


Another intricate and beautifully worked quilt.  This one is called "New England Beauty" by Sandra Hall

Again apologies for the photography but this was a lovely demonstration of quilting called "Memories" by Barbara Barclay

Stephanie Farrow decided to turn this Kaffe  Fassett inspired quilt into a door curtain.  


                                            Cathedral windows - by Lynette Platts 


             I love books so loved this quilt.  "Bookshelf for Florence" by Susan Tann


                                                  Loved  this scarf by Liz Hicks. 


              And finally even though I don't want to think about Christmas 
             just yet.  The Twelve a Days of Christmas by Carol Chandler


Friday, 22 August 2014


How many of you have been here before?!!  I settle down to a couple of hours sewing, putting sashing strips to my blocks and joining them all up, 2 hours in I start to look carefully at my evenings work and something doesn't seem right.  I look a bit closer...... and would you believe it the very first block was the wrong way around, thus making everything wrong, even though the rest of it is right!!

I have just spent as many hours ripping it all out, so am back to where I started!!! I did wonder if anyone would notice the mistake but just knowing it was there would have bugged me forever. 

Is this an evening wasted or a lesson learned?  How many times does one need to check? Anyway now have a glass of wine in hand instead of a stitch ripper and looking forward to visiting the Phoenix Quilters  exhibition in Deal, Kent tomorrow.

Hope the rest of you have a more productive evening than me!

Jacky O

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Late Monday show and tell!!

Well I'm running way behind schedule this week and posting the St. M's Monday show and tell late Tuesday night.  But truth be told we've all been extra busy this weekend with other stuff.  Sharon has neglected her quilt commission to help her husband lay decking in the garden, and I slipped off to London to visit my lovely daughter Kate and grand daughter Mimi.  Only Sam, our deputy, spent time thinking about her next project but no actual sewing!! So after all that chat not much to show you lovely ladies.  I got back on Sunday and made a start on another Moda 23 cushion, very similar to the last one I shared only slightly larger.......


Whilst I was away this chair was moved into my sewing room and sew needed a cushion so here it is.  Hope Y'all been busier than us!!!  

Jacky O

Friday, 15 August 2014


I can't believe its Friday already, where does the time go?  Steady progress has been made with the burgundy and white quilt and all 12 blocks are now complete.  I have used the "Dashing Stars" pattern from Jenny Doan of the Missouri Star Quilt Company but I have reduced the size of the blocks to 8" which is a better size for a smaller bed. Last night I added the snow ball corners and was very pleased with the final look, I'm itching to share a picture but daren't ......... Well maybe a peek at the fabric.....

   Have been feeling a tad rebellious all week!!!!!
Have a lovely quilty weekend.   Jacky O

Monday, 11 August 2014

Monday show and tell.

Mondays - not my favourite day of the week as there' s often "stuff" that I have to catch up with following the weekend at work. However, my lovely quilting buddies at St M's generally cheer me up as we have a quick "show and tell" of our weekends stitching over coffee before we crack on with the week's work.

Today Sharon shared 6 beautifully made purple blocks. These are the start of a quilt she has been commissioned to make. She has chosen a lovely palette of lilacs through to mauve, as this matched the brief she was given.  I on the other hand was asked to make a quilt in burgundy and white, which I confess didn't really fill me with deep joy but I have produced 4 rather pleasing blocks.  I took some swatches of a lovely green batik in which I proudly announced would be snow balled into the corners.  This idea was quickly put to bed by both Sharon and Sam despite my appeal to the colour wheel and I'm back with burgundy and white!!!  

Sorry no pics yet as these quilts are to be kept under wraps until completed but other finishes are looming.  
Happy show and tell Monday, Jacky O

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Festival of Quilts 2014

So went to the Festival of Quilts on the opening day, Thursday, and wow what a day,  the festival seemed bigger and even better than last year.  The quilts were beyond awesome and just so many delightful goodies on sale I had trouble keeping my plastic in the purse!!

We arrived about midday and walked our feet off til it closed at 5.30pm and there were still areas off the show I didn't see, I think next year I'll book in to a hotel and take 2 days. Anyhow I did manage to get just the right fabric for my quilt commission and I got to play on a couple of long arm quilting machines.  Guess what has just gone right to the top of my wish list!!

Here are a few of my favourite quilts unfortunately in my excitement I forgot to note the numbers so now can't find the name or maker, many apologies but I really was a kid in a sweet shop and out of control!!!

Just wanted to wander in through this gate.



The quilter had used some brilliant silky silver  thread to depict the rain - awesome!


Loved these houses.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Last evening's sewing

Have a commission for a quilt to start and have settled on a design but want to wait until after the Quilt Festival on Thursday just in case I decide to make some changes.  Also want to check out some of the new fabrics on offer, so contented myself with making a lovely plump 20" cushion using Moda 23 fabric.  I bought this fabric from Quiltique, a wonderful quilt store in Vegas which I was lucky enough to visit in January this year. So here it  is.  I just love this fabric.


Next stop Birmingham!!  Thanks for stopping by Jacky O.

Monday, 4 August 2014

Festival of Quilts

Just two more days before I get to set off for this years Festival of Quilts at the NEC Birmingham.  I am grateful to my daughter for working so hard to get this blog up an running in time for me to have somewhere to post all the wonderful pics I'll be taking! Get ready for a feast of quilts, fabric and whatever else takes my fancy.  

Tonight I have contented myself with making a little drawstring lingerie bag for a friend. Will take a picture in the morning, when hopefully the sun will be out once again.
Until then enjoy stitching. JackyO

Saturday, 2 August 2014

First blog!

Hi everyone, this is my first blog and I'm still getting things set up with the help of my lovely daughter Kate.  So the look of things will be changing until I settle on just the right look, a bit like laying blocks out on the design board!  I will be blogging about all things stitching, quilting and fabric.   Once I get the hang of it I'll be here two or three times a week and more when there are finishes a foot.
Thanks for dropping by, happy stitching. Jacky O